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License:  PARSEME Shared Task Data (v. 1.0) Agreement
Size:  274376.0|5439204.0|62218.0 multi-word unit|sentence|token

The PARSEME shared task aims at identifying verbal MWEs in running texts. Verbal MWEs include idioms (let the cat out of the bag), light verb constructions (make a decision), verb-particle constructions (give up), and inherently reflexive verbs (se suicider 'to suicide' in French). VMWEs were annotated according to the universal guidelines in 18 languages. The corpora are provided in the parsemetsv format, inspired by the CONLL-U format. For most languages, paired files in the CONLL-U format - not necessarily using UD tagsets - containing parts of speech, lemmas, morphological features and/or syntactic dependencies are also provided. Depending on the language, the information comes from treebanks (e.g., Universal Dependencies) or from automatic parsers trained on treebanks (e.g., UDPipe). This item contains training and test data, tools and the universal guidelines file.

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