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Păiș, Vasile; Ion, Radu; Avram, Andrei-Marius; Mitrofan, Maria; Tufiș, Dan
Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence "Mihai Drăgănescu", Romanian Academy
License:  CC BY-NC 4.0
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  • Păiş,Vasile and Ion,Radu and Avram,Andrei-Marius and Mitrofan,Maria and Tufiș,Dan (2021). In-depth evaluation of Romanian natural language processing pipelines. Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology (ROMJIST), vol 24, no 4, pages 384-401, .[Download BibTex]

Models for Stanza, RNNTagger, NLP-Cube, UDPipe, TreeTagger trained on the RRT UD 2.7 corpus. The models were evaluated in the associated paper. Scripts used in training and evaluating the models are available in our GitHub. A working version of the TTL tool is available in the TEPROLIN service repository. For downloading the corpus visit the Universal Dependencies website or directly download UD 2.7 treebanks.